BHAI SAHIB RANDHIR SINGH was an outstanding freedom fighter and a great saint and theologian who has made a lasting contribution to the religious and cultural revival in Punjab, and was one of the first few Punjabi revolutionaries who staked their life and career to bring about political awakening and win freedom for their country Son of a High Court Judge and educated in Govt College and Mission College, Lahore, Bhai Randhir Singh ushered a moral and spiritual revival which set into motion what later on came to be known as Gurdwara Reform Movement In the Rakabganj Affairit was his stern challenge to the British Government and stirring call to the people to organize resistance, which prevented the further desecration of the historic shrineIn , he was the only non emigrant Sikh leader who completely identified himself with the cause of the Ghadar Party and suffered imprisonment for seventeen long years He is known to historians of this period as Hero of the First supplementary Lahore Conspiracy Case He is the only Sikh Leader who, in the last hundred years or , has been given Hukamnamas and Robes of Honour by the then four Takhats of the Panth, in solemn recognition of his sacrifices and impact on his times His deep and original expositions of various aspects of Sikhism thanbooks are a lasting contribution to Sikh theology, philosophy and mysticism He distinguished himself in Punjabi prose and poetry by an erudite and powerful grand style of his ownBhai Sahib Randhir Singh Ji was visiting Dharamsala and Dalhousie in Kangara hills during August SeptemberHe was enjoying spiritual bliss in the undisturbed secluded environment of fine rainy weather at Dharamsala This suited very well for him to undertake writing this book Charan Kamal Ki Mouj , while personally experiencing the ecstasy of NaamEarlier, S Iqbal Singh BA BT then Headmaster of village Boparai, District Ludhiana had contributed an article under the heading, What are the Feet of Guru in newspaper Gursewak Amritsar dated February ,This was in response to the query raised by Bhai Kirpal Singh, Village Sakrandi in Patiala State S Iqbal Singh had also invited someone to explicate further on the topic for greater general benefit Bhai Sahib had felt the urge to give his response ever since This was to materialize now at DharamsalaThe special characteristic of this book lies in bringing out the ideal of Charan Kamal Charan Kamal Ki Mouj with the Gurbani quotations that formed the actual experience of Bhai Sahib in great loving devotion This forms a detailed and convincing explication that suits the need of our times to support spiritual ideals with real personal experience Such is the outstanding feature of the bookThe translation of the Punjabi version of this book was undertaken by Bhai Jaspinder Singh Toronto after having been prompted by some of Bhai Sahib s associates and Bhai Balbir Singh son of Bhai Sahib Randhir Singh Following the success of the first two ebook publications in early , Bhai Sahib Randhir Singh Trust UK Registered Charity No, has continued to publish Bhai Sahib s work in this way in order to meet the demand of readers in the western world With the blessings of the Almighty and support of the Sangat, we can hopefully publish of Bhai Sahib s work in this way Where possible, we are making these available free of charge Any proceeds and donations will go towards making work of this nature available and for other charitable causes Please leave a review to encourage people to read Bhai Sahib s books For updates follow us on Twitter bsrstrust , like us on Facebook facebook

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