Louis Braille WikipdiaLouis Braille Facts, Invention Death Biography Early Life and Education Louis Braille was born on January in Coupvray, France, the fourth child of Simon Renand Monique Braille Simon RenBraille made harnesses, saddles and other Louis Braille WikipediaLouis Braille Biography life, childhood, children, At the age of three, while playing in his father s shop, young Louis was struck in the eye by an awl a pointed tool for piercing holes in leather or wood Within weeks of the accident, an eye infection took away his sight completely Louis Braille Louis Braille et son inventionLouis Braille est n lejanvierCoupvray, un petit village situkm de Paris Son pre, Simon Ren, est bourrelier il fabrique des harnais, des colliers et des courroies pour les chevaux A l ge deans, Louis perd un oeil en jouant avec un outil de l atelier paternel Louis Braille Biography Childhood, Life Childhood Early Life Louis Braille was born on January ,in Coupvray, France to Simon Rene Braille and Monique Braille His father Simon Rene had a successful leather merchant and the family lived in a large house He had three sisters