Limestone Yorkshire Dales National Park The Yorkshire Dales is home to some of the most spectacular limestone landscapes anywhere Natural surface exposures of limestone provide conditions for some very characteristic communities of plants, mosses and lichens that are adapted to harsh, drought prone conditions Limestone features Yorkshire Dales National ParkThe Yorkshire Dales National Park really is limestone country Limestone is a hard sedimentary rock formed when remains of sea creatures dropped onto the sea floor It contains fossils like corals and shells You can see classic features such as scars cliffs and potholes Limestone pavements Yorkshire Dales National The Yorkshire Dales National Park contains approximately half of all Britain s limestone pavement Of great botanical interest, limestone pavement provides a variety of habitats for a large number of ferns and flowers In the limestone pavements of the Yorkshire Dales, plants of interest include ferns such as hart s tongue fern, holly fern, green spleenwort, limestone fern, rigid bucklerLimestone Yorkshire Dales National Park A long series of limestone scars lying along the flank of Whernside above Chapel le Dale Limestone My Yorkshire Dales If there is one type of rock that is most associated with the Yorkshire Dales then it is limestone Limestone was formed millions of years ago by the gradual build up of calcium rich skeletons and the shells of billions of tropical sea creatures The Yorkshire Dales The Yorkshire Dales is an area of great natural beauty in Northern England, But besides the obvious attractions, a hidden world lies beneath the surface of the Yorkshire Dales, with the limestone hills being honeycombed by countless caves and potholes A subterranean wonderland of stalactites and stalagmites, cathedral sized chambers, underground rivers and waterfalls waits here to beRock landscapes The Yorkshire Dales Much of the Yorkshire Dales is made of limestone The limestone was exposed by glaciation during the last ice age The glaciers eroded the surface above the limestone and when the glaciers melted,

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