Have you ever seen The Thomas Crown Affair Faye Dunaway sugar pink lips, fabulous nails, playing Black utterly destroys Steve McQueen blue eyes, playing White It s a dazzling performance That film made me get out the chess set I d abandoned three years earlier It made me search through East Anglia for a blue eyed boy suffering from wealth ennui I never found one, but my chess and my nails were outstanding for a thirteen year old Lexicographer, chess master and hedonist, Rose is down on her luck when she meets Jamie, a guy she beat at chess twelve years previously who has never recovered from losing the game or forgotten the sight of Rose s perfectly manicured nails poised to strike over the chess board She s destitute, he s loaded and terrified of losing her again They strike a bargain in return for chess he will keep her What is it like being a kept woman in the st century Rose is about to find out She s also about to learn that disguising your moves in chess can lead to victory, but doing the same thing in love leads to disaster

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