Just after pm on the evening of TuesdayMarch , at the Old Bailey, the jurors filed back into Courtto give their verdict on Ronald Kray The word guilty brought to a triumphant conclusion the months of painstaking work put in by Read and his team in their efforts to bring the infamous Kray brothers to justice Leonard Read tells his own story, that of the small Nottingham lad, nicknamed Nipper, who went to join the Metropolitan Police because of their less stringent height requirements and who rose through the ranks to become part of the team solving the Great Train Robbery InRead was invited to put together a team to have a go at the Kray gang the seemingly untouchable East End criminals whose reign of terror involved blackmail, protection rackets and finally murder In an enthralling recreation of the operation, Read and Morton cover the case from the first time Nipper saw Ronald Kray in a pub in the Whitechapel Road where he turned up flanked by minders to the brothers eventual arrest in Mayand the nailbiting suspense of their sensational trial