Religion divides people believers from non believers Christians from Jews and Muslims and Westerners from the peoples of India and the Far East Moreover, it is an active ingredient in many of the tensions and conflicts of our time not least, in our new multi religious societies And it is now being vigorously challenged by Professor Dawkins and others as a delusion disproved by science a relic of an Age of Faith long since past its use by dateSo where do we stand on all this Is Religion Faith or Fact or Fantasy And is there any room for it in a modern world Does God exist, for example, or is he a delusion a Dream Time fantasy from our primitive past Why bother about the Bible Is it really the word of God And does it have any relevance today What is Christianity all about, when it means so many different things to different people Indeed, what was Jesus Christ all about And was he God, or just a great man What is Islam all about and the Koran And is Islam an essentially aggressive religion, or an essentially peaceful religion hi jacked by extremists And where did religion spring from in the first place from stupidity and primitive superstition, or from intelligence working on the limited information available These are the questions we shall eb discussing in this current affair, no holds barred Debate about the Pro s and Con s of God and Religion a Debate that could prove relevant and enlightening, while also being challenging for believer and non believer alike

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