Humanitarian Intervention is an operational study of the US led relief effort PROVIDE COMFORT, hastily organized in the spring ofin response to the international outcry to stop the suffering and dying of the Iraqi Kurds who had been brutally suppressed in the aftermath of DESERT STORM and had fled across a mountainous border into Turkey Gordon W Rudd documents and describes this challenging operation involving joint and multinational forces His study validates the capacity of military forces, well trained for war, not only to adapt quickly for humanitarian relief missions without specialized preparation but also to work alongside civilian relief agencies attempting to assist the refugees, requiring significant cooperation between the two groups Today the potential of the new round of military led peace operations to reduce turmoil and conflict and, in effect, contribute to shaping the international environment is significant, and soldiers now deployed in distant lands amidst unfamiliar people in the service of their nation will find Rudd s instructive perspective and record of the Army s experience invaluable

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