Whether you like women to take control, play the submissive or are just keen to read about hot ladies exploring their sexuality to the full, these stories are guaranteed to tease and titillateThe Perfect Italian Wife by Toni SandsMelissa persuades her Italian tycoon husband she needs a holiday with her friends Vicenzo suggests cruising on the family yacht Three gorgeous girls, unlimited champagne plus Melissa s desire for boundary tumbling, unleash surprises for unsuspecting guys on a stag trip Melissa intends remaining faithful Until Joy and Riley invade her boudoirThose Good Times by Jennie TrevertonWhat s a waitress to do when service drags on for ever and all you can think of is how your co worker is going to fulfil those silent promises she s making with her bad black eyes Aia is dark, exotic and seriously distracting She could make women dream about doing things they d never even considered before The only challenge, on a busy Saturday night at work, is finding the opportunity Ticking Over by Carmel LockyerTake a butch taxi driver with an addiction to online sex shows and an icy career woman with a buttoned up lifestyle and add a shared secret It s a recipe that leads to an encounter on the backseat that ends up costing a fortune But it s worth it These stories first appeared in Wanton Women published by Xcite Books