Of all the regions in our country in which history has been made, none has a greater background of upheaval, violence, elation, hardships, and hope than the Mother Lode country of California Here came mane who left their homes, cities, and farms to search for the elusive metal, GOLD And because of the impact of emotions involved, the twisted lives and broken dreams, no area is predominant in lingering ghosts, visions of yesteryear and psychic phenomena There were the miners, wind and sun weathered men, determined to wrest wealth from the sand and soil They came by the thousands on horseback and foot, in long wagon trains cross deserts and mountains, in wooden vessels round stormy Cape Horn And with them came the storekeepers, saloon operators, criminals, professional gamblers and the prostitutes They re all gone now The hearts and hands that once knew triumph and despair have been dust for many years But their shades walk the lonely streets and drift through the dark empty buildings Listen in the still of the night and you may still hear a faint laugh or the distant tinkle of a glass Join us as we explore this twilight zone of the strange ad bizarre