Table of ContentsIf I Were a ManThe Giant WistariaExcerpt If I Were a Man If I were a man, that was what pretty little Mollie Mathewson always said when Gerald would not do what she wanted him to which was seldomThat was what she said this bright morning, with a stamp of her little high heeled slipper, just because he had made a fuss about that bill, the long one with the account rendered, which she had forgotten to give him the first time and been afraid to the second and now he had taken it from the postman himselfMollie was true to type She was a beautiful instance of what is reverentially called a true woman Little, of course no true woman may be big Pretty, of course no true woman could possibly be plain Whimsical, capricious, charming, changeable, devoted to pretty clothes and always wearing them well, as the esoteric phrase has it This does not refer to the clothes they do not wear well in the least but to some special grace of putting them on and carrying them about, granted to but few, it appears She was also a loving wife and a devoted mother possessed of the social gift and the love of society that goes with it, and, with all these was fond and proud of her home and managed it as capably as well, as most women doIf ever there was a true woman it was Mollie Mathewson, yet she was wishing heart and soul she was a manAnd all of a sudden she was More Reading Other Books by Charlotte Perkins Gilman by ADB Publishing The Original Collected Stories This Book The Original Herland The Original Our Androcentric Culture The Original The Yellow Wallpaper The Original What Diantha Did

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