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10 thoughts on “A Bandit's Kiss

  1. Megan Megan says:

    Book 1 in the Midnight Mask trilogyDNF.The hero is stupid and the heroine even stupider In the first 30 pages we are introduced to about 10 characters This is NOT a George R.R Martin book This is a historical romance No chemistry or spark between the H h so I m done No, I would not recommend this book

  2. penelopewanders penelopewanders says:

    Impressively stupid book Between the heroine who s a jerk and the hero who has serious aggression control issues not much to redeem this one Only point of interest is that it s the same period as the Outlander series which I m enjoying Book in Mallorca.

  3. Al Al says:

    Ridiculous Waste of time Skip this one The editor should be fired.