In Maythe French Impressionist painter Claude Monet settled with his family in Giverny, a small village on the Seine northwest of Paris There, amidst the romantic garden landscape that Monet himself helped to design including his own house and studio, greenhouses, ponds, and a Japanese style bridge the most fascinating and mature works of his last forty years came into being In this volume Sagner Duchting examines three important series that Monet painted in the immediate vicinity of Giverny the Grain Stacks, the Poplars, and the Early Morning on the Seine series In addition to providing a fascinating look at the influence of Giverny and its surroundings on his work, the author discusses Monet s innovative open form, exemplified by the paintings in his famous Waterlilies series With these late works, Monet diverged from traditional pictorial ideas and came to be recognized as a pioneer of modern art Part of the life and work of a famous artist are presented in book.I found the pictures striking, the description biography sections were reasonable. very informative but never prying my son gave it to me so I love itvery cool, erudite, in good taste.