An excellent book aimed at adult learners of the harp who want help in reading the music too A superb approach to the written aspects of music, designed to work alongside the learning of the instrument rather than separately from it Clear, easy to understand language that doesn t talk down to the student Explanations that help you to truly understand how the music works, and how it all fits together All topics covered are immediately made relevant to the harp Progresses naturally and organically from the very basics, so that you don t miss a thingWith detailed photos showing technique, and than a hundred examples that gradually build up your music knowledge, the book is an invaluable source of information for any beginnerIt would also be perfect for the supportive parent of an aspiring young harpist, allowing you to have an understanding of what they are learning, and enabling you to help them with their own music readingAlthough written in UK English, US terms are also consistently provided where appropriate eg Crotchet Quarter Note