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10 thoughts on “Snakes

  1. S.S. S.S. says:

    I m a herpetophile so was glad to pick up a copy of this book recently in a used book store While this was a book aimed for the younger set, I still enjoyed it a lot I m a month shy of 39, by the way The photographs were lovely, as were the illustrations The information was clear, concise and easy to follow, as well as informative Brilliant stuff.

  2. Shelly Koressel Shelly Koressel says:

    This is a wonderful science book The pictures look so real If you like snakes you will love this book or if you hate snakes you won t want to open it This is a good informational book if you had to do a project on snakes, it also has links that you can go to the internet to do additional research Kids think this book is so neat.