This provocative book follows MGM s Gene Kelly musical Brigadoon through the worlds of s Broadway theatre and s Hollywood and documents the contempt the film has elicited, particularly from the Scots intelligentsia McArthur succumbs to Brigadoon s charm, but finds no such mitigating features in Mel Gibson sblockbuster Braveheart Tracing Braveheart s appropriation by political, touristic and sporting figures, he argues that, far from its being about Scottish history, it is primarily about Hollywood s generic forms and cinematic traditions He looks too at the way the film distorts history and examines Braveheart s sinister appeal to the proto fascist psyche McArthur argues that both films have enormous resonance within Scottish culture and the Scots diaspora and, crucially, for a vast worldwide audience who may have no other knowledge of the Scots This was a really interesting topic told in the most dry and pedantically stolid way imaginable While it is very methodical in its assertions, the academic language makes it very difficult to engage in and this could be a very interesting topic given a slightly fresher tone.