HiMy name is Nicole and I don t know about you but I have a very very strong foot fetish I absolutely adore having my soft and exquisite feet licked, sucked, kissed, caressed and worshiped I love the power my feet have over both men and women, I get off on it and simply put the thought makes my thighs wet I catch them sneaking glimpses at my sweaty nyloned soles with saliva leaking from their quivering lips when I dip and dangle my shoes from in public and I make them lose control and go weak with lust when I walk all over every inch of their bodies and grind my toes into their crotches This book features a series of my private photos for your own personal satisfaction If you go weak at the knees for a sexy and toned body, soft and succulent feet, hot stockings and sensual high heeled shoes then this book is definitely for youNicole x