A Treatise of the Use of Flogging in Venereal Affairs is one of the most important early modern texts on the erotic possibilities of flogging A learned medical study in epistolary form, it was originally written in Latin and published inThe author was Johann Heinrich Meibom , a German physician and Professor of Medicine at the University of Helmstedt Meibom s work was reprinted with responses from his son Heinrich and Thomas Bartholin Like Meibom senior, they were noted physicians Meibom s treatise was translated into a number of modern European languages and often republished It was translated into English by George Sewell and published by Edmund Curll inCurll s edition, on which this Birchgrove Press edition is ultimately based, anglicised the authors names and gave them a Latinate twist John Henry Meibomius, Henry Meibomius, and Thomas BartholinusMeibom s treatise is significant because it was incredibly influential The mechanistic physiological explanation for the erotic effects of passive beating that it develops underpinned most major attempts to explain sexual flagellation prior to the development of the psychological categories of sadism and masochism in late nineteenth century sexology Indeed, Meibom s work shapes fictional and non fictional accounts of flogging, and its influence is discernable in many Victorian flagellant texts

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