OnMayDawson Stelfox became the first Irish person to reach the summit of Everest, following the route first attempted by Mallory and Irvine inThis updated edition of theaccount recalls that groundbreaking success It also chronicles many achievements since, including the first Everest success by an Irishwoman, Clare O Leary, and Pat Falvey s ascents by two different routes In , Irishman Noel Hanna completed his fifth Everest ascent Other highlights include ascents of Lhotse, Cho Oyu, Kanchenjunga, Broad Peak and K Mike Barry became the first Irish person to walk to the South Pole, and an Irish crew completed the first east west circumnavigation of the Arctic in a small yacht Members of the first Everest expedition still climb and Irish adventurers continue to attempt objectives such as the North Pole on foot In conclusion, the book reflects on the perspectives of the original eight climbers and on how a trend towards success at the expense of challenge, coupled with commercialisation of sport, has left its mark on the Himalaya

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