I loved this book It is fast paced and exciting and completely transports you to another time of beautiful clothes and beautiful people. Fascinating read that really gives you a great sense of the 60s and 70s London fashion scene. Honestly written, with witty quips and an honest glimpse into Biba in the 1960s this woman is a genius and not just because my name is Biba truly a revolutionary mind, she invented the lifestyle marketing technique. This was a spontaneous buy, and I m so glad it was I found reading about the growth of Biba, and the fashion of the 60s really interesting I would definitely recommend to anyone who is interested in fashion, or that particular decade. Loved this book and loved the story of Biba Inspiring for any lover of fashion Very interesting and informative account of the rise of a tiny retail Empire that was snuffed out too early Barbara Hulanicki writes very well and this biography has the right balance of passion and truth Never once does any recounting seem bogged down or slow. Fantastic insight into the life of both Barbara and BibaI wish I d been there,to experience the Biba years myself Nobody who was shaken awake by the Swinging Sixties should miss the story of the rise of Biba Sunday ExpressBarbara Hulanicki s Biba Shop grew from one room to a five story department store as it became an icon of hip s and s London and a hangout for artists, movie stars, and rock musicians, including the Rolling Stones, David Bowie, Twiggy, Brigitte Bardot, and Marianne Faithfull Biba s black and gold Deco style logo is still a familiar symbol of London s heyday as a world capital of fashion, music, and the arts, and Biba s designs now fetch high prices in vintage clothing stores This lively autobiography vividly evokes the adventurous, entrepreneurial spirit of the s and is essential reading for everyone interested in fashion and design Wouldn t get too excited about it.