Penguin Level2110 minutesduck swan mermaid prince emperor clothes girlQ.If you become small like thumbelina, what do you want to do A.If I become samll, I want to explore many places that I have never gone For example an ant s nest.There are many tales in this book There are stories taht I know, but there are also stories that I haven t read My favorite story is The little Mermaid It is good story. penguin readers level2time 11 6 95minutesseven word summary ugly swan sing beautiful clothes thumbIf your tall is thumb size, what are you going to do l want to sit on flowers I also want to ride on back of birds and fly away I like tales of Andersen and I read a lot when I was a child The emperor s new clothes was really interesting People are afraid too much of what others would think The end of the story was good 1, Tales from Hans Andersen Penguin level 22, 81 minutes3, ugly swan mermaid voice clothes flower thumb4, Do you want to meet prince Yes, I do I think most of girls want to meet prince like Disney story.5 There are five stories in this book I like the little mermaid the best, because little mermaid was very cute Hans Andersen wrote many stories, and these are some of the best We meet a very, very small child, a bird with a beautiful voice, a mermaid with legs, an ugly duckling with no friends and an emperor with some very strange new clothes These stories teach us lessons for life