Don t wait until tomorrow live your life today You ve spent a lifetime dreaming about your future, but as the future becomes the present, are you living your dream Many people feel their dreams are just too impossible to reach, so they spend their lifetime stuck in a place that s easy But living out your dream is easy if you know how to get there You just need to anticipate what challenges will come your way and how to overcome them whether it s fear, the need for control, having enough money, understanding how your dream fits into God s will, or six other common obstacles Don t wait until the pieces fall together to live the life you desperately long for Make intentional decisions to live with purpose Twentysomethings Shannon and Michael Primicerio reveal how they got unstuck by deliberately living their lives now Now is the time to get from where you are to where you want to go We re all running out of time Live your life now Shannon and Michael understand their generation and the significant challenges facing so many in their age group Life Now is a wonderfully practical book that will be of enormous help to many young people It is also a great tool for premarital counseling Howard Dayton, CEO, Crown Financial Ministries

10 thoughts on “Life.Now.: Overcoming the Ten Obstacles That Derail Your Dreams

  1. Steve Beilharz Steve Beilharz says:

    Good book, wrote mainly for those that are in their early 30 s or younger.

  2. Laura Laura says:

    The first five or so chapters of this book are great But then it gets super repetitive.

  3. Cody Connolly Cody Connolly says:

    I found this book very inspiring It has helped me take the steps to get out of my rut and work toward my dreams Highly recommend this book