Kirillian Harmony Knox was one of the most successful bounty hunters in the galaxy until a brain eater named Prime became her only failure and escaped, landing her in jail Now free, she ll stop at nothing to catch him and stop his murderous rampageUnfortunately for Harmony, fellow hunter Bart Tanner has the only available transport Arrogant and ruthless, Tanner is known for killing most of his bounties Harmony can t stand him yet she can t deny the deep sexual desire sparking between themOnce enslaved as a cage fighter by a cruel Kirillian, Tanner harbors a deep hatred for the alien race though he s drawn to Harmony s luscious sensuality, and they soon indulge in erotic encountersWhen Prime puts out a hit on Harmony, things intensify, and Tanner realizes their lust has turned into something deeper but if he and Harmony aren t careful, than just their lives will be at stake, words

7 thoughts on “Hunters

  1. Tina Tina says:

    Basic story was okay, but there wassex than really necessary.