In His Steps was written by this author s grandfather and he is writing acontemporary story of the same theme Will challenge you spiritually and make one realize the absolute importance of prayer in the life of a true believer I was challenged by the book and the ideas setforth And am looking forward to another book written by another young family member in the same vein The first was written in the early 1900 s, second in 1950 and third in 2007. a christian bookmy dauter read it too This book is a refreshed version of the internationally known book In His Steps It describes the transformational change to members of a congregation when they commit to ask themselves What Would Jesus Do before every decision, and to follow that leading, whatever the consequences I was challenged by the book and will continue to reflect on how this can becometrue in my life as well. Challenging, inspiring, and thought provoking, I d recommend this retelling of the classic In His Steps to any Christian wishing to dive deeper into the true meaning of serving Christ. I really enjoyed the book. I read this before the original, and so ruined myself for the original version I did enjoy this one better, at least in part due to the contemporary setting Same great message as the original. Forthan a century, Charfles M Sheldon s In His Steps has been one of the most beloved Christian novels ever In this retelling of the original story, updated characters and settings shed new light on the question, What Would Jesus Do