Even grown ups like good bedtime stories, and this one delivers King Gerald and his lovely queen have the perfect life, including the newborn princess Aurora Rose However, tragedy befalls them in the form of a wicked enchantress, the former princess of the realm who is determined to exact her revenge When the princess pricks her finger and falls in a deep sleep, will there be anyone who meets the sorceress s exacting requirements to save her EXCERPT He held his arms out to help her off the horse As she slid into his grasp, he felt the firm muscles of her body ripple beneath his touch, and he pinned her against the broad, warm side of the animal, claiming her mouth with his She let out a gasp, widening her lips just enough for him to sneak his tongue inside, swirling it gently around her warm, sweet depths She gave a low moan and leaned forward, her firm breasts pressing against his chest, her hands gripping his upper arms tightly Catriona, he murmured into her hair I need you I must have you There was a pause and then she gave him a brief nod of her head His hands fell to the laces on her bodice, tugging the sides apart