The ongoing crisis in the Ukraine with the armed intervention of Russia instigated by Russian President Vladimir Putin is covered in this unique ebook with extensive information about the Ukraine and Crimea, history, military and political background, and much Contents includeCrisis in the Ukraine State Department Department of Defense White House Embassy of the United States Kyiv, Ukraine Congressional Research Service Report FebruaryCongressional Research Service Report MayCongressional Research Service Report JanuaryCongressional Research Service Report MayCongressional Research Service on Russia s Gas CutoffCongressional Research Service Report on the Orange RevolutionUkraine after the Orange Revolution Can It Complete Military Transformation Ukraine s Military Between East and West Public Perception of the Sea Breeze Exercises and Ukraine s Prospects in the Black Sea Region The Crimean Tatars and Their Influence on the Triangle Of Conflict Russia Crimea Ukraine Ukraine Background Material State Department Central Intelligence Agency Excerpts Related to Russia and the UkraineWorldwide Threat Assessment of the US Intelligence CommunityWorldwide Threat Assessment of the US Intelligence CommunityWorldwide Threat Assessment of the US Intelligence Community Many observers have expressed concern about Ukraine s democratic development, including the government s use of the courts to neutralize opposition leaders, most notably former Prime Minister Yuliya Tymoshenko, who was sentenced to a seven year prison term inThe government s effort in Novemberto violently disperse pro European Union protests backfired, resulted in mass demonstrations in Kyiv and elsewhere in Ukraine For over two months, the government has alternated between attempted crackdowns against the protestors and conciliatory gestures The most serious violence has occurred during and after a massive government crackdown on February , resulting in scores of deaths, mainly among protestors but also including some police officers Ukraine has long standing problems in attracting foreign investment, in part due to rampant corruption and other shortcomings in the rule of law Living standards for many Ukrainians remain low The government s dwindling foreign exchange reserves have raised the prospect of a default on sovereign debt in , unless the government can secure new loans Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych made a last minute decision in Novemberto not sign a wide ranging Association Agreement with the EU, due to heavy Russian pressure The move was the initial spark for the anti government protests that have imperiled the government s hold on power In December, Russia rewarded Ukrainian leaders for their about face on the Association Agreement by offering Ukraine abillion loan However, after an initial disbursal ofbillion in December, subsequent payouts have been put on hold by Moscow due to uncertainty about Ukraine s future political direction On February , the EU agreed to impose sanctions on unnamed Ukrainian leaders responsible for repression