Neat little collection of 23 essays on the effects of and responses to the crisis of capitalism post 2007 from all around the globe Unfortunately, given that there are so many essays here, many are derivative of previously published work by the authors or are ham strung by the 11 12 page limit on each essay. The global economic crisis has exposed the limits of neoliberalism and dramatically deepened social polarization Yet, despite increasing social resistance and opposition, neoliberalism prevails globallyRadical alternatives, over, are only rarely debated And if they are, such alternatives are reduced to new Keynesian and new developmental agendas, which fail to address existing class divisions and imperialist relations of dominationThis collection of essays polarizes the debate between radical and reformist alternatives by exploring head on the antagonistic structure of capitalist development The contributors ground their proposals in an international, non Eurocentric and Marxian inspired analysis of capitalism and its crises From Latin America to Asia, Africa to the Middle East and Europe to the US, social and labour movements have emerged as the protagonists behind creating alternativesThis book s new generation of scholars has written accessible yet theoretically informed and empirically rich chapters elaborating radical worldwide strategies for moving beyond neoliberalism, and beyond capitalism The intent is to provoke critical reflection and positive action towards substantive change