Graphic Story Adaptation of Bester s novel A second volume was never published

10 thoughts on “The Stars My Destination, Volume 1

  1. Tom Rust Tom Rust says:

    What an impressive book I had to keep reminding myself that this had been published in 1956 Despite a few fantastical ideas telepathy and telekinesis , much of the science of space travel was very sober I see seeds of James S A Corey s expanse series in the ideas put forth strife between the inner and outer plants of the solar system and the detached coolness of the narrators voice All in all, a very fun read

  2. nildicit nildicit says:

    time traveling spacenoid threatens planetary annihilation from atop a lamppostnews at 11

  3. Helen Helen says:

    When I started reading this it seemed familiar, but I don t remember ever reading any version of this story before Was it ever made into a show or movie To be honest, I don t like graphic novels For the most part, I concentrated on reading the text and looked at the graphics only after reading the page.

  4. H0 H0 says:

    This is a must readseminal influence and mind blowing.

  5. Fred Fred says:

    Read this book twice in the late 60s.

  6. Diego García Diego García says:

    Cuando le a los ltimos cap tulos me toc entrar a protocolo hospitalario Pensaba en el protagon sta una noche antes de la intervenci n En madrugada, al tomar el ba o correspondiente a la preparaci n de la operaci n, imagin el espacio extraterrestre y un tanque de oxigeno Cuando despert estuve aturdido, en furia y dolor As de freg n es el libro.