It sAir Force Security Police Superintendent Tom Spenser returns from a year s deployment to Afghanistan and is assigned to Goodfellow AFB Texas In the process of adjusting to the new town of San Angelo Texas, reuniting with his sixteen year old twin sons, and performing his new duties, he sits in on a law enforcement community briefing that includes mention of a failed carjacking attempt in Abilene TexasThe weapon used, the modus operandi, and the circumstances are identical to those in which his wife, and mother of his sons, was murdered in San Antonio ten years beforeCoincidence Or does Texas harbor a serial carjacker killer flying under their radar all these years Spenser, along with an attractive Thai American police lieutenant to whom Spenser is seriously attracted, the Texas DPS, Texas Rangers and their entire computer data exchange links are brought to bear to hunt down this serial murder rapist car thief If indeed, such there isThe lives, past present and future of all of these individuals are brought together when they find out that indeed, the Judge is not the jury