People often confuse spirituality with religion, when in fact, they are completely different things Living a spiritual life is above and beyond your religious beliefs and you don t have to compromise your individual religious beliefs to embrace your spiritual side Spirituality is the knowledge behind doctrine It is where your consciousness finds peace, it is where your intuition lives, and where your spirit is nourished For some reason, when religious people hear of things like living zen, of finding one s self, living in the moment, or creating a spiritual practice a red flag goes up signaling the removal of God and a crazy new age form of thinking Quite to the contrary none of this is true at all In fact, living a spiritual life is an ancient practice that has been practiced long before established religion was created A spiritual life is simply the core beliefs taught by every single great religious leader, somehow these basics were, along the lines of history, thrown into the background of dogma and doctrine It s not taught to replace religion it s taught to strengthen it A healthy spiritual life means strength of your own life, your own spirit, and your relationship with Source God, or whatever name you use A healthy spiritual life will also bring strength to your relationships with others Imagine if every one of us had a healthy spirit, how different the world would becomeMany people have discovered the ancient word Namaste, a term from Eastern philosophy, and finally it is becoming understood in the language and hearts of people in the West There is another ancient term Irie which comes from the Caribbean, specifically Jamaica Irie is one of the ultimate spiritual words and compares strongly to Namaste It has no religious boundaries Irie is a state of harmony and peace with oneself and the world Having respect and love for your true self Being happy with your state of being, having no worries Respect for yourself and your brothers and sisters in this world IRIE stands for I Respect I Eternally When seeing I it does not mean me but rather it simultaneously means you and I and God, or Source, or the Great Spirit as one, not separate I means the highest and the most ultimate positive all encompassing most powerful and pleasing The reference to God is the way in which you see God in your life Again, this is not new age, this is old school being taught in a new lightThe islanders have been living the Irie philosophy for hundreds of years It is my goal to bring this way of life, this strength of spirit, to everyone worldwide Within the pages of How to Live in the Present Moment and Be Grateful you will learn the very basics to begin the nourishment of your spirit All of these things will strengthen your individual beliefs and help you to find inner peace, calm while showing you how to develop an appreciation for all life Ancient wisdom from the great teachers explained in simple terms