The samurai of Rokugan are both warriors and diplomats, serving their clans on the battlefields and in the courts No true samurai can afford to neglect either field, lest they be found wanting at the critical moment The Empire s most famous works of strategy the Book of Sun Tao and Otomo Madoka s Subtlety of the Court are studied by countless samurai who seek the crucial edge that will mean victorySword and Fan, the latest supplement for the Legend of the Five Rings th Edition RPG, explores every aspectof the samurai s two most important activities war and politics Viewed through the prism of two of the Emerald Empire s greatest works of strategy the Book of Sun Tao and Otomo Madoka s The Subtlety of the Court this book explores military strategy and tactics, cavalry warfare, the world of the winter court, the art and practice of etiquette, the religious role of the Emperor, and many aspects to these vital elements of the samurai s life In this book you will find Nine chapters covering every aspect of both war and politics in Rokugan Histories and game stats for the Empire s most famous generals and courtiers New game mechanics including the Yasuki Taskmasters, the Children of Doji, the Mantis Orochi Riders, and the Ikoma Tacticians And much, much