Picture Yourself Ghost Hunting Step by Step Instruction for Exploring Haunts and Finding Spirits, Spooks, and Specters introduces novice paranormal explorers to the history, techniques, and equipment used in the search for proof of life after death, or simply, ghosts Written like a field guide to ghost hunting, the book begins by examining what a ghost is, and isn t, and presents a brief history of ghosts and the pioneers of the ghost hunting field You ll review what has already been discovered and the tried and true methods and tricks that have been successfully used by seasoned ghost hunters and their outcomes You ll also take a look at the different types of equipment used to both search for and communicate with ghosts, as well as how to approach the hunt depending on the location Finally, you ll learn how to assess the evidence that you ve gathered and what it all means, and how to avoid the pitfalls that are the stuff of popular ghost legends Written by an avid and experienced paranormal researcher, Picture Yourself Ghost Hunting is filled with firsthand tips and advice, including aminute interactive DVD featuring tutorials and interviews, and is both a reference and a source of helpful inspiration for any aspiring ghost hunter

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