From NEW YORK TIMES bestselling and award winning author Selena Kitt Over a Million Books Sold Selena Kitt s TABOO Series where naughty thoughts and wicked temptations bring TABOO fantasies to life So TABOO I can t even post an excerpt Be sure to use the LOOK INSIDE feature to see just how HOT and TABOO this title really isLittle brat Maya is a yoga instructor looking for her soul mate While she and her best friend, Sephie, spend girl on girl time exploring enlightened sex, Maya has her heart secretly set on the man of the house When a cosmically epic phone texting accident brings them together, she finds not only a soul mate, but a man who rocks her universe, and he does it hot, hard and unprotectedGET MORE HOT, NAUGHTY, WICKED TABOO STORIES LIKE THIS FROM SELENA KITT ANNA dp BOACEK BECCA dp BOACB CLARA dp BOAXI CHRISTA dp BOANW DARLA dp BOACEK EVA dp BSXKFAK FIONA dp BSZHP GEORGIA dp BSZFVC HANNA dp BTHKNRB INDIA dp BTUZSY JENNA dp BTVCDIU KAYLA dp BTWMKE LEILA dp BUEYQR NINA dp BUGCAF OLIVIA dp BVUTNA PAULA dp BVRKE QESA dp BVXMPPI TINA dp BOAJ

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