In Let s re Great Britain, Al Murray s Pub Landlord sets out his party s vision for the country, and explains how politics actually works Citizens of Hope Glory It s time to bring common sense to the House of CommonsParliament is a nest of slippery, poisonous vipers and only a bonkers, mental idiot would try to make sense of it Yet in Let s re Great Britain, Al Murray, the Pub Landlord, presents his guide to British politics and a vision for a Greater BritainIn it you ll learn and appreciate The Guv s views and policies on The jobless Fix youth unemployment with a pyramid scheme literally, build some pyramids Economics Cut the deficit by borrowing , growing a beard and leaving the country Criminal Justice Bring back hanging if only for the sake of the rope industry Immigration Electrify the English ChannelA plain, common sense vision of an impossibly complicated and, frankly, dull subject, this will almost certainly be one day hailed as the new founding text of the nation a Magna Cartafrom the Landlord of Hope and Glory

10 thoughts on “Let's re-Great Britain

  1. Glenn Keenan Glenn Keenan says:

    Brilliant book making fun of politics and much easier to understand than this incredibly boring subject I d vote for FUKP any day Very funny and easy to read Short chapters make for a speedy completion.