Sean Wilbrun, the son of a common groomsman, transcends the barriers of his class and station, when he is elevated to the esteemed ranks of high guard for Lord Edward, Duke of Stonehaven His first assignment, however, is not to wield a sword to protect his duke, as he had hoped, but instead to attend to the duke s newly arrived foster son, William William Fylbrigge was born into nobility, the son of the Earl of Aberdoir Orphaned at birth, he is left in the care of his indifferent, abusive brother, Thomas and his wife, Bryndah, Lord Edward s elder daughter William has never experienced the gentility that should have been his birth right He arrives at Drumoak believing in Bryndah s tales of how Lord Edward is a torturous demon who eats children, and drinks their blood Sean and William, soon form an unlikely duo and a lasting bond that brings them together through accusations of murder, kidnapping and treason One is destined to lead his people in an unpopular cause The other is destined to protect his friend against a mutual enemy One will find his love One will lose it Both will come to know that nobility can not be bought with coin, that bravery is not bestowed upon the rich They ll both come to find that the claim to the future is only By Right of Blood