Antonio Welshire was sadistic even before Mestiphles turned him into a vampire Over the centuries, the Welshire patriarch has had his favorites his tormented wife Elizabeth and her exotic sister Ann, just to name a few Victoria s whims rival that of her father s, but daughter Samantha spends the decades looking for an end to this macabre vampire existence Not all of Antonio s dark children want to be part of The Vampire Family They ve survived coven wars and persecutions, but can The Vampire Family survive each other

10 thoughts on “The Vampire Family

  1. Ashli Ashli says:

    this book is great kiss.u have such a great imagination he he love ya aunt kiss

  2. Roger Cottrell Roger Cottrell says:

    I am going to start reading this book shortly

  3. Elmina Michail Elmina Michail says:

    What a badly written book Reading it felt like reading a bad translation done by a pupil No real cohesion in the story, no real character building It was the only book I had with me on the beach and this is the only reason I actually read the whole thing.

  4. Twisted sister paranormal Lady Book Voodoo Twisted sister paranormal Lady Book Voodoo says:

    Lady Journal Review

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