Book Revised and updated to cover the Clash s induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the band members post Clash careers, The Clash Return of the Last Gang in Town now includes the first full account of Joe Strummer s Wilderness Years, his triumphant comeback with the Mescaleros, and his sudden and tragic early death Extensively revised and updated from both itsandincarnations, The Clash traces the band members progress from dispiriting rehearsals in damp London basements to packed American stadiums A fascinatingly detailed account of the first band to take punk s radical politics to the masses and survive for a decade against all the odds, it also offers an intriguing investigation into the gap between rock mythology and rock reality Lots of good early info of the band and its members Written from an official publicist point of view that comes off cheesy at times. The definitive history of The Clash The 3rd Edition goes up to and includes Joe s new band the Mescaleros and Strummer s untimely death An encyclopedic look at the English punk scene, this book also reveals a great deal about the music business in general.A must own for any Clash fan Dense reading for a music biography True fans will love it Casual fans might not care to know that much detail Without the author s terrible grudge against The Clash, this would be a good history of a remarkable time in pop music and Western politics. A bit bitter, obviously no direct interviews. Nice length, nearly 500 pages , lots of detail , especially early days Newest edition includes Strummer passing. A Good read, A wee bit too long though..I was desperate for them to split up by the end of itCould maybe stop trying to pick at flaws in The Clash s early kids from the wrong side of the tracks image.if you are a fan you will enjoy this.