Thi Amazing b k i prepared t Guid those f u th t n d to v ntur int The Wrestling Entertainment Business It Guid u all th way, fr m knowing the history of the WWE, t knowing the b t schools t nr l in, thus b ming a WWE Super t r It n w r all th questions ur mind will ever k u Sit back and h v a gr t tim knowing v r thing u ought t know b ut Pr f i n l Wrestling Entertainment By the virtue f coming r this amazing b k i n positive sign u r lr d on th right track C ngr tul ti n B i ll , WWE Superstars r known to b huge in h i l make up, bl , solid competitors with a games foundation M j rit w r amateur wrestlers b f r they br k int lim light ie Brock Lesnar Kurt Angle Num r u l d American F tb ll ie The Rock Bill Goldberg etc Ordin ril th l rn d fund m nt l moves nd strategies t an expert wrestling h l Fr m th t point they can gr du t int neighborhood r provincial wrestling circuits t chip w t th ir abilities, build u th ir ring persona nd ideally stand ut enough t b n ti d The Main Thing You Need To HaveNatural TalentInner Drive Burning DesireMust Be TeachableWrestling Skills Will Be Taught In the Performance CenterPromo Speaking Skills Will be TaughtActing Skills Will be TaughtChoosing the Right Character The WWE will then put you with a Superstar With the Right Environment Next thing you know, you got yourself a STAR World Wr tling Entertainment is a fun rt, n average Am ri n dud loves the WWE with Beer on one hand Pizza on the other, it such a good int nti n th t you picked up this book just because your a Fan You ve t ut w ll n th journey b laying hands n thi b k that is th r ughl r r h d and well writt n to n w r ll the u ti n going thr ugh th four w ll of your mind This Book is also for WWE Divas, Now are called Superstars Instructions to Becoming a WWE Superstar Diva inside of this Book

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