A striking meditation that stylishly links his father, Arnold Palmer, Golf in the Kingdom, and the fragility of the swing Sports IllustratedSince being initiated as a child into the arcane mysteries of the game of golf, Timothy O Grady has carried in his mind an obsession with the sport embracing its history, literature, and even his own private battle with the club On Golf is a personal history of O Grady s obsession with golf, from its domination of his teenage years, to the glorious occasion when he played a round with Arnold Palmer Above all, it was the bond of golf that he shared with his father, who gave him his first club when he was only two years old Forty years later as the old man lay on his deathbed father and son were still talking about the gameTimothy O Grady still dreams that he may one day become a truly fine player but in the meantime he has given us a book that beautifully describes his love affair with the game and goes to the root of the obsession that captivates so many