Microsoft AccessDeveloper s Handbook is the programmer s guide to developing good looking, easy to use, high performance Access applications Packed with tips, tricks, secrets, and undocumented features, this book is presented in an accessible, read as you need format Practical coverage includes an introduction to solid database design, the difference between Access SQL and ANSI SQL, the capabilities of the powerful new Data Access Object DAO language, and query optimization Valuable tutorials range from designing great looking user interfaces to creating unique solutions for common interface design problems, such as auto sizing forms and controls, creating right mouse click menus, and communicating directly with the printer driver A special section demonstrates how to develop robust and efficient multiuser applications, both for the file server and client server environments Topics include using DLLs, the Windows API, DDE, OLEAutomation, and OLE custom controls Learn all about MSAUDLL, the undocumented library used by the Access Wizards You ll also learn to create your own Wizards, add ins, and on line Help, and how to programmatically manipulate security

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