I really enjoyed this book it wasn t focused on the intricacies of finance, but it gave a great account of Bernie Madoff s rise and fall, and it read like a novel It was amazing to hear the various accounts of people who were duped by Madoff and those who suspected he was running a Ponzi scheme For someone who s interested in understanding how a 30 year Ponzi scheme came to be, it s an interesting, quick and easy read. This book chronicles the amazing breadth and depth of Madoff s crimes It was a real page turner for me as the psychology of the scam s perpetrator and also his victims is fascinating If I were a psychologist, I could spend a career exploring the psychological processes in play here. There is a great deal of technical money trading economics in the book With that said, it wasn t difficult to follow and understand Bernie Madoff was as corrupt as they come He swindled billions from people Unfortunately, in my opinion, and from reading this account, his victims were all too happy to bank money and never ask questions They were eager for the rich lifestyle and Bernie gave that to them. It is still incomprehensible to me that Madoff was able to perpetuate his scam for so long So many people were blind, and so manypeople were victimized Pay attention, people If something seems too good to be true, there s probably a problem lurking. Accurate and highly readable Wall Street Journal Emmy award winning journalist Andrew Kirtzman, explores The Life and Lies of Bernie Madoff in Betrayal an in depth, personal look at the architect of the biggest financial fraud in history The New York Times calls Betrayal, a novelistic, you are there sort of narrative, and the shocking story of the King of the Swindlers and his hundreds of celebrity and corporation victims, and the everyday people who tragically invested their life savings with him does indeed read like a page turning thriller But it s all amazingly, disturbingly true Very interesting and highly readable. page turner This is a very well written account of the Bernie Madoff fraud that is great for non financial professionals because the book isn t too technical It s a pretty quick read. Wow This is a fascinating book and I highly recommend it It is amazing and rather frightening how Bernie Madoff deceived so many for so long. Surprisingly I really enjoyed this book Easy read and fascinating His level of fraud was remarkable.