Katharine Hepburn and I share a birthday that has only added to my fascination with her over the years My first awareness of her was The African Queen airing on the after school, 4 00 pm movie when I was very young maybe 5 or 6 come to think of it, my first Bogart movie too ah kate the great Katharine Hepburn star of the silver screen, fashion icon, and quintessential class act This volume offers an intimate view into the life of a Hollywood giantfrom her early years in the studio system, through the famed Spencer Tracy period, to her later life as a grande dame of cinemaand sheds new light on the woman named by the American Film Institute as the greatest female movie star in the history of American cinema With a compelling mixture of celebrity photographs and casual snapshots, this latest entry in the beloved A Life in Pictures series forms a uniquely stylish portrait A dazzling collection, Katharine Hepburn captures the life of a legend, onscreen and off