I was expecting this to be a boring Civics book, but it s actually really interesting Instead of being like Isn t the American Way amazing Here s why it says Yeah, the California government is messed up, but not entirely Let s go into why If you re a Californian, it s a great book to read to understand what s going on in your state government. Clear, concise, and straightforward, CALIFORNIA POLITICS AND GOVERNMENT A PRACTICAL APPROACH, E, takes a unique nuts and bolts approach to give you insight into real life politics The authors use current examples and vivid explanations to decode the complexities of California politics, helping you understand how state government really works and what it means to you Thoroughly updated, the new edition illustrates how key economic, social, education, and immigration issues impact California politics The text includes new court cases on emotionally charged topics such as gay marriage, updates on the ongoing budget crisis, coverage of theelections, changes in government regulations, and The text also shows you how policy is made In addition, public policy coverage is thoroughly integrated throughout the text so you can see firsthand how legislation and other government activities affect your world now and in the future Soooooo dense Oh my gosh I am an AVID reader and I had to read this to prep for a CA gov t test and could only get thru 15 pages before I had to break to be sure the stuff was actually sinking in It s all relevant tho, that s how the book is so short I wouldnt try to cram it in one night if you re a student tho