Since about , an astonishingly fierce scientific professional and legal controversy has arisen around the allegation that psychotherapists may sometimes have fostered false memories of childhood sexual abuse Some have blamed Freud for this, arguing that he sowed the seeds of false memory syndromeyears ago He has been accused by some critics of abandoning, out of professional cowardice, his original recongition of the prevalence of sexual abuse amongst his patients, substituting his theory of childhood sexuality and the Oedipus complex, and by others of fabricating and implanting false memories of abuse in his patientes minds

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    Okay, so I thought this book might be a scathing indictment of the falsity known as false memory syndrome, a backlash phenomenon invented by those accused of sexually abusing their kids, to explain that of course these memories were implanted by therapists, dammit But oh well, this book is not quite that indictment actually it s a close reading of Freud to separate him from the outrage at all these false memories Oh well.

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