Malesevic has written a masterwork Indeed, The Sociology of Ethnicity will rapidly become required reading, especially for those seeking an introduction to the field Its structure and style promise to make it appealing and useful in a range of coursesStudies in Ethnicity and NationalismSpanning classical sociology to current debates, The Sociology of Ethnicity synthesizes the leading sociological interpretations of ethnic relations and provides a coherent theoretical framework for its analysisIn this thoughtful and accessible text, Sinisa Malesevic assesses the explanatory strength of a range of sociological theories in understanding ethnicity and ethnic conflict While acknowledging that there is no master key or blue print to deal with each and every case of interethnic group relations, The Sociology of Ethnicity develops the best strategy to bridge epistemological and policy requirements for interethnic group relationsThe Sociology of Ethnicity will be required reading for advanced undergraduates and postgraduates studying ethnicity and race in sociology, politics or cultural studies