Sakata Eio is regarded as one of the strongest go players of the th century Sakata Eio was born February ,in Tokyo, Japan After winning most of the major titles in the s, inhe finally took the Honinbo title from Takagawa Kaku who had held it for a record nine consecutive terms In , Sakata captured the Meijin title, making him the first player simultaneously to hold the two titles Meijin Honinbo Sakata s peak came in , when he wongames and lost only two and held seven major titles Meijin, Honinbo, Nihon Ki in Championship, Asahi Pro Best Ten, Oza, Nihon Kiin Number One, and NHK Cup Sakata is nowand lives in Tokyo He is retired but still active This book, The Middle Game of Go or Chubansen, first published in , was Sakata s third book published in English, the first being Modern Joseki and Fuseki, Voland the second being Modern Joseki and Fuseki, Vol , The Opening Theory of Go These volumes are now regarded as a classics in Go literature They are also the first books published by The Ishi Press This book, along with the two other volumes in his series by Sakata Eio, made The Ishi Press the world s leading English language publisher on the game of go

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  1. Eric Eric says:

    This book is dense The examples are very deeply investigated I am a 1d and found the content to be high level, often beyond my level.