pages,x photosdoubled dies, than any other book New to this Edition is an Eisenhower Dollar Date by Date Analysis chapter For each year, an overview is presented on the die varieties produced, a summation of any Eisenhower Dollar hot topics, a scarcity analysis for Ikes produced from each Mint Also presented is the population report for MS MS and PR PR for NGC PCGS for each date and mintmark which can be used to help determine rarity This book also gives a very detailed analysis of all major hub changes done on the Ike Dollars For each hub change, enlarged photos show the before and after of the design changes with a detailed description of the differences OverEisenhower Doubled Dies are presented Detailed diagnostics and close up micro photos make identifying and distinguishing each variety easier than ever before Each part of the doubling is shown Some varieties have overphotos Each variety includes pricing and cross references to other books when known The Hot Topics section covers in detail the S Proof Peg Legs, S Business Strike Peg Legs of which only coins from two dies are known, the P Type II Reverse of which only coins fromdie are known to exist and which an MS specimen can bring ,, and theNo S Proof Also included is a detailed analysis of the D, D, and D % silver Eisenhower Dollars, all of which are extremely rare, sought after, and valuable A D % silver can bring as much as , Additional sections have been written by experts in the field such as Jim Barlow, James Sego, Bob Halstead, Tom DeLorey, and Randy Irmis The How Varieties are Made section is always being expanded with better descriptions, explanations and photos This section completely explains how die varieties occur and how too distinguish them

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