Love and lust can strike at totally unexpected places and inopportune times When two strong men fight a powerful attraction that slips up on them, sometimes a loyal and loving canine cupid needs to take matters in his or her paws to make it happen for a stubborn master Previously available only in electronic format, these sizzling short stories have now been combined for a paperback edition Included are the talesDoggone Love Solitary rancher Damon Carhart expects to spend the rest of his life alone Then an injury to Dixie, his beloved stock dog, sends him to the nearest veterinary clinic for help His crusty old veterinarian friend is away, and in his place is a young doctor in whom Damon initially has no faith Once he entrusts his canine to Eric Vann s care, however, everything begins to change And once desire gets a bite on him, what can Damon do but go along for the wild ride The Maltese Terror Caleb Storm is a loner, a rancher whose Native American blood sets him apart from most of his fellows When a spring blizzard dumps Nick LeGrande and his tiny dog Cedric into Caleb s life, he and his old stock dog Cheyenne hardly know what to make of their visitors Caleb finds Nick attractive but doubts such a successful and urbane man could have any interest in him Their dogs, however, hit it off from the start and seem to conspire to get their masters together Can a pair of canine cupids work the necessary magic Saved By Sam As he struggles to get back on his feet after the horrors of service as a medic in the Middle East, Roy Dunham tends bar in a quiet club The sudden entrance of KOfficer Samson and his handsome partner Craig Rommel startles Roy Put off by the cop s attitude until Sam and Craig save him from drug driven violence, his opinion soon changes He returns the favor by tending their gunshot wounds Before long, Roy finds himself hoping the policeman and the dog will become permanent parts of his life Can Sam be the key to winning his way into Craig Rommel s well protected heart Rescued By Love With his life torn apart by tragedy, Garrett finds a true life saver in the Golden Retriever pup Mandy that he rescues from a shelter Inspired by the heroic search and rescue teams he sees on TV, he and Mandy also become trained Their first challenge comes when a series of vicious tornadoes rip through the high plains Meanwhile, Dan has returned from Iraq shattered by the horrors he witnessed Like his father and grandfather before him, he takes off on a motorcycle to try to outrun his nightmares Instead, a storm almost takes his life before a SAR team comes to his rescue In Mandy and Garrett, will Dan find the unconditional love he needs to become whole again

10 thoughts on “Canine Cupids

  1. Alina Alina says:

    I m a big animal lover, so I really enjoyed the dogs in these books The author obviously knows the subject well and all the furry friends were totally adorable The human MCs though and their stories fell kinda flat to me They all were nice and sympathetic guys and the settings were interesting, but it was all a little formulaic and boring Maybe it s because I ve read them all back to back and got tired, I dunno Still I don t regret reading these books at all, they were light and fun.