From the exciting new animated chapter of Ash and Pikachu Shaymin, the peaceful Gratitude Pok mon, lives happily in forests and fields of flowers But one day Shaymin is accidentally drawn into a battle between the Legendary Pok mon Giratina and Dialga Whisked away far from home, Shaymin is found by Ash, Dawn and Brock, who soon discover that this new Pok mon is full of surprises Of course Team Rocket wants to get their hands on Shaymin, and so does a mysterious man named Zero Even Giratina is in hot pursuit of this little Pok mon and just what do Giratina and Shaymin have to do with the dimension known as the Reverse World

10 thoughts on “Pokémon: Giratina and the Sky Warrior! Ani-Manga

  1. T. T. says:

    I technically saw the movie, but i bet the animanga is good too.