Motivated by a deep hunger for of God, millions of Christians are leaving the traditional church to look for freedom and fulfillment than the routine of five songs, announcements, a plea for money and a forty five minute sermon allow They are looking for open ended, deep worship that flows with the Holy Spirit, relatable Bible study and discussion in which they may participate, and strong bonds of fellowship outside the four walls of organized church Instead of leaving the church to fall away from God, they are leaving the church to find God Leaving the Church to Find God offers scriptural, safe, and balanced answers tempered by real life experiences, on how to move from a traditional church structure into meetings that allow the Lord to set the agenda and where needs are met John Fenn I was a Christian who felt disconnected from church though I d been actively involved nearly all my life I was looking for answers to my desire and hunger for God to move freely, and came to realize I wasn t alone From all walks of life and across the church spectrum people are searching for something deeper, but they don t quite know what This is the story of how I found God moving outside the church structure that I had known, loved, and been a part of my whole Christian life John and his wife Barbara were born in Kokomo, Indiana and began dating as teenagers when they met the Lord, and began ministering to their teenage friends They ve been in the ministry now for over thirty years, serving in various capacities including Campus Pastor, Associate Pastor, Senior Pastor, and advisor to churches and Bible schools all over the world John also worked with Peter Wagner teaching at the Wagner Leadership Institute, serving as Canadian National Director and Education Advisor He remains an adjunct instructor of Wagner Leadership Institute of Colorado Springs In earlyJohn and his wife Barb, founded The Church Without Walls International of Tulsa, a house church network, emphasizing Relationship Based Christianity He travels and teaches in all different streams of Christianity, helping churches and individuals find significance and fulfillment through Godly relationships and the discipleship process

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