A Workbook for New Testament Greek Grammar and Exegesis in First John provides valuable help for students who want to begin studying the New Testament in the original Greek Many Greek instructors agree that First John is the best place to start reading in the New Testament because it is brief and does not use many complicated sentences or rare words This workbook dividesJohn into twenty five assignments averaging four verses Each assignment has three sections Vocabulary defines and parses forms that may as yet be unfamiliar Questions leads the student through important grammatical observations For Further Study encourages deeper reflection on questions of grammar, textual criticism, exegesis, and applicationAll three sections give valuable references to grammars, commentaries, lexicons, and other study helps that students should become familiar with Also provided are two built in reference tools Greek English Dictionary of First John briefly defines every word used inJohn Analytical Lexicon of First John parses every form that appears in the letterDesigned for use in the second half of a first year Greek course by students who have passed the midpoint in a standard introduction to New Testament Greek, this workbook can also be used for individual study and review